Barware That Reflects Your Personality

Your party is off to a great start. Your drawing-room resonates with the sounds of clinking glasses, laughter, and eclectic beats. While your eyes scan the room to ensure everyone’s comfortable, with a drink in hand, the perfectionist in you calmly walks across the room. Some of you enjoy sharing tales of the many trips you’ve made in the last few months, while your guests help themselves to your lavish spread of food and drink. Some of you even enjoy stirring up special concoctions, tasted at a festival, on your last trip to Istanbul. What’s interesting is that with each of your personality types, you bring to the experienced palate a flavour that is enjoyable for the evening.  Here are a few pieces from Shaze’s Hosting Collection to pair well with your personality type.

The Wavemaker – This one is a must for all the vino lovers out there. An aesthetically designed wine decanter, The Wavemaker transcends your evening and experience into a finer fare. Perfect for the popular, poetic, and romantic in you, this piece showcases a soothing visual of its smooth curved form. An appealing sight, the gentle streaming of your drink from the decanter, reflects and ripples your distinct characteristics.

The Gatsby – Enhance your night of celebration with the elegantly crafted champagne bucket, The Gatsby. Suited for the suave, articulate and successful you, this essential bar accessory will add unparalleled sophistication to your evening. Financially well endowed, a select circle to spend time with and an aura of mystery, the true Gatsby never fails to allure the curiosity of those around. Tailored to this personality type, this piece is crafted to trigger interesting conversations and keep repartee flowing.

Trilogy – Showcase your unique barware collection with the cleverly crafted bar table, Trilogy, made out of veneered wood. With your distinctive barware at hand, orchestrate an evening of indulgence with the very best showman skills. With a personality that’s prominent and charismatic, you manage to make an impression with almost every story you tell or perform at your stage. Designed for the ultimate party planner, the Trilogy allows you to exhibit your mixology skills as you stir up the best concoctions and serve delectable finger food.

If you have found that piece of barware that suits you best, let it reflect through as your soiree sets sail.

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