Brewing the Perfect Flavours

The first thing when you wake up in the morning or watch the grey dark clouds loom outside, you instinctively crave a hot cup of tea. Tea – Britain’s gift to India and the world in a large sense is one of our favourite drinks. From oolong tea to green tea to white tea, there is a flavour to satiate everyone’s taste buds. While evening tea parties have been around for ages, the concept of ‘high tea’, a peculiarly British term and concept, is slowly gaining popularity. A few of you, familiar with this concept, know the joy of hosting one. You also know the joy of bringing something more, to talk about to the table. The brew-ware range from Shaze’s Hosting Collection is the kind of ‘more’ that every high tea party deserves. You’ll know when you see it.

The Brewmaster

As you mingle with your guests dressed in a breezy dress, use your elegantly designed Brewmaster to slowly conjure up the perfect cup of tea, while conversations brew. Fresh, aromatic flavours of the tea will blend in perfectly with your specially curated menu of tea sandwiches, fritters and scones. The tea light at the base of the tea pot, will add an amber glow to the brew and is sure to become a hot topic of conversation.

The Blendist

Other than kick-starting your morning, a hot cup is also a very relaxing indulgence in the evening. Classic yet modern, this French press is designed for fantastic functionality and first impressions. Watch your prized grinds swirl up the perfect cuppa in a temperature-controlled environment. As you pour your custom brew for your guests, the delightful aroma is sure to engulf their senses and add warmth to those candid conversations.

The Caffeinator

Coffee aficionados are constantly looking for that perfect cup of coffee, replete with flavour. The Caffeinator is for your detail-oriented guest who is also a perfectionist. As hot water pours over your treasured coffee granules from the swan neck kettle, its delicious, earthy flavour is sure to give you a heady feeling. Soon, your custom-made, residue-free coffee is ready to serve.

Your sleek, ingenious brew ware coupled with your barista skills is sure to impress. The medley of conversations, delectable nibbles and perfectly crafted brew will ensure an entertaining high tea. The one with the exact amount of ‘more’ to keep the evening going.

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