Choosing The Right Bar Glasses

When it comes to serving your favorite drinks and enjoying their unique flavor profiles, the glassware truly matters.

Historically, alcohol has been a prime mover of culture and in current times displays endless variants and concoctions. The glass that holds your drink has also evolved to bring out its best characteristics, taste, and aroma thus making the right selection imperative when it comes to glasses for your bar setup. Whatever your favorite tipple, the perfectly measured drink requires a glass suitable in form and function to complete the experience.

Raise A Toast

Take your appreciation for wine a step further with Shaze’s Ode Wine Glass. Crafted to awaken the aroma and flavor of wine, the Ode magnifies and opens up these features. The stem of this glass is crafted in a way that prevents the warmth of your hand from being transferred to the bowl and changing the wine’s inherent taste.

With a wine glass, it is also important to remember that it should not be over one-third full so that the wine can be swirled at the time of aeration. This wine glass has a broad bowl designed for optimum aeration for reds while retaining the lighter, more delicate notes that white wines will generally have.

Popping champagne always signals a celebratory moment and the fluted champagne glass from Shaze, known as the Simcha, is perfect to hold your champagne while providing you with a good-sized serving. This glass features a long stem that provides sufficient grip and ample space to keep your hand away from warming the bowl and altering the taste of the champagne. Its shape allows for the flavors and aromas of the champagne to develop without it going flat too quickly.

Strain And Serve

The Muse, Shaze’s martini glass used to serve its namesake cocktail is stemmed like a wine glass, with an inverted cone. This cone serves to craft a wonderfully cold and crisp beverage by keeping all the ingredients of your classic or customized martini pushed together. The wide mouth is intended to showcase a cocktail’s scent and taste by allowing the nose of the drinker to get close to the surface of the drink. The long stem helps to control the temperature just like Shaze’s wine glass. As a martini savant’s glass will not have ice this stem serves an important purpose.

On The Rocks

Take For your ‘on the rocks’ drink, Shaze’s whiskey tumbler is a glass that explores its entire spectrum. Tastefully designed, the minimalism lets your drink speak for itself. Sitting comfortably in your hand, its short structure and wide mouth release the aroma of the whiskey on straight pours, and the heavy thick base is perfect for muddling cocktails. This tumbler is for imbibing ice with your whiskey of choice or for serving up various whiskey-based cocktails.

Nose And Taste

This glass for whiskey is crafted to be narrow at the top, making it perfectly suited for you to appreciate the aroma. Rooted in the gentleman’s club, Shaze’s Scentaur helps concentrate the aroma thus, in turn, bringing out the true flavor of your spirit. With a substantially large bottom to swirl your drink around, this glass is perfect for pouring and drinking single malt scotches and other specialty whiskeys.

While hosting your guests, serving their drinks in the right glass speaks volumes. Shaze’s glassware is beautiful when on display, comfortable to hold, and a delight to sip from. 

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