How To Set Up A Festive Garden Party

It’s beginning to feel festive! The dip in the air, soaring spirits, and illuminated houses all hint towards a delightful time. Houses and hearts open up to celebratory greets and dinner parties shared with friends and family become the highlight of the season.

Brunches & dinners are an intimate affair and there is a certain charm in taking it outdoors. With the natural setting working its magic, elegant table décor, and a delicious spread, you can now ensure that your guests leave your homes well-fed and with their hearts full.

Bring In The Wine

What’s better than saving up your prized bottle of wine for a special occasion and finally savoring it with your closest bunch. Aerate it to perfection by pouring it in the Shaze Wavemaker Wine Decanter and serving it with a side of assorted cheese.

Delectable Sides or Mains

Think hazelnut shortbreads, potato crisps & delicious home-baked cakes, and prepare them all in the Shaze Bake Line. Spread out a dinner table set up with all this & more and witness your guests reaching out to these delicacies while diving in a pool of responding laughter.

Shots For Everyone

What is a party without a round of shots? Play bartender and mix up a Kamikaze or Melon Ball and serve it in the Shaze Turntable Shot Tray. The Lazy Susan mechanism of this statement bar accessory will draw everyone’s attention while making it your party hero.

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