Joy Of Hosting

While you walk past, you watch your guests laughing in between conversations, some even enjoying themselves while trying their hand at a new concoction, and you smile. Each of these expressions, like a pat on your back, tells you that it’s a job well done.

Hosting a party is truly a gift that keeps on giving, to everyone involved, especially the host. There is no doubt that in doing so, your relationships become closer. After all, hosting is also a medium of expression. One of the pleasures of hosting a party is achieving that ‘perfect atmosphere’ which allows your guests to relax, interact with one another and enjoy the evening’s proceedings. Preparing a table with a well-curated spread, setting up the lights and decor that match your mood, and stocking up your bar and matching it with the right bar accessories, are artistic exercises in themselves. When displayed as planned, this is going to be not just a conversation starter when your guests enter, but also an immensely satisfying experience for you, as the host. What really makes a statement for a good host is passion, imagination, heart, and attention to detail in your planning.

Playing around with those decor elements as you improvise, is sure to lift up your spirits as you create a special atmosphere for your guests. Likewise, appropriate lighting can transform a room and provide the right energy for any kind of get-together. Mood lighting sets up an intimate environment and creates dramatic first impressions at your party.  Get the lighting and music right and your party is bound to be a dynamic affair that delights and gratifies. If a drink of your preference in hand, a seat at your bar counter, and some company to shoot the breeze with seems like your ideal evening affair, then the bar equipment in Shaze’s Hosting Collection has something to offer. Your guests will surely admire the play of light through the swerves on the Trilogy, which is a hybrid between a bar tray and a decanter set, as it creates a magical glistening effect. Before your guest can swirl their drink and enjoy its unique smell and taste, make sure your guest has the right glass. Using the right glass or tumbler makes a considerable difference to the endnotes of your drink of choice. This attention to detail on the part of the host is what delights and enamors the guests.

As you can testify based on your travels, every drink has its own intricacy and custom. Like in Korea, it is customary to never pour your own drink as it is considered quite rude. The norm is to first pour the drinks for the seniors at the table, so you will have to wait patiently for your turn. Bringing customs like these from your travels around the world to your party makes you a fun and open-minded host, and your soiree a great occasion to share some awesome stories.

Handing them a small keepsake as your guests head out is a way to prolong the warmth of your soiree. Walking each guest to the door to say goodbye is also a nice and personal touch that makes your party an evening to cherish for everyone. Every little gesture adds to the true joy of hosting and implies something bigger to your guests. It says, ‘you matter.’

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