Alchemist Spirit Decanter

1,000 AED

Highlight the stunning transparency of your beverage with this intricately handcrafted beauty. As it adds an unforgettable spark to your evening, the elegant design matches every taste and covers the full spectrum of beverages.


Complex engineering and physical ingenuity dramatically create this crystal decanter. Its ballerina stance seemingly floats over a rippling, heavily engineered base. The Zamac-topped cork stopper, metal neck tag, and writing pen add to the allure and functionality. 

Lead-free crystal keeps your beverages from getting flat. The hand-blown curved-yet-lean body of the decanter bears a hand-cut wave pattern symbolizing swirling liquid. The cork stopper with its Zamac detailing, rippling the signature design and hosting style. The metal neck tag with its special pen allows one to note the liquor details down to the pat.

Care Instructions:


  •       Hand wash the inside of the decanter with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  •       Dry with a lint-free cloth.
  •       Avoid pouring hot liquids into a cold decanter and vice versa.
  •       Do not use product in a microwave or conventional oven.


Base and Cap :

  •       Clean immediately after use. Simply wipe with a soft damp cloth.
  •       Do not use polishes and cleaners.
  •       Dishwasher use is not recommended
  •       Do not allow the product to scrape against other hard objects.


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