Alpha Whiskey Tumbler (Set of 6)

350 AED

With craftsmanship that celebrates dynamism, this set of 6 tumblers will stand proud on any bar shelf.


These formidable glasses dominate the hosting game with their grip-friendly shape in lead-free crystal. The undulating, hand-cut pattern delights drinkers by casting captivating illusions with the reflection of light.

Lead-free crystal of 2mm thickness forms the unique shape of these glasses, preventing drinks from becoming flat. The hand-blown glass has a sturdy, wide base and a narrower lip. With a grip on it, be the alpha of the best hosting experiences.  

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse before use.
Rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free cloth.
Avoid pouring liquids at extreme temperatures into the glass
Do not microwave or place in a conventional oven.


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