Simcha Crystal Champagne Glass (Set of 6)

500 AED

For those who always await an occasion to pop their favourite Champagne, this glassware set is a must-have.  The flute shape of these glasses helps in preserving the carbonation and the long stems save your drink from warming up too quickly.

Serve your guests with the finest champagne in these glasses and welcome them to a delightful experience. The enchanting structure and glorious presence of these glasses will add a charm to festival dinners and parties.


Popping open your finest bottle of  Blanc de Blanc and tasting the stars calls for a crew of poised glasses that match up to all that finery. Our set of 6 lead-free champagne glasses is designed to help you experience the magic of this sparkling drink in all its glory!

When placed under light, the waves along its body reveal a dramatic reflection on any surface. A bubbly addition to your hosting events indeed! 

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
Dry with a lint free cloth.
Avoid pouring extremely hot liquids into a cooled glass or vice versa.
Do not use the product in a microwave or conventional oven.  


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