Milk and Sugar Set

100 AED

Create an irreplaceable experience for the brew enthusiast! These silver metallic finish ceramic accessories match up to the impeccable style of hosting. Step into the futuristic era with this Milk and Sugar Pot Set, that complements modish households.


Presenting the milk-n-sugar serveware that’s galactic in style, made from stoneware with a glazed metallic look. A precise, linear pattern enhances the futuristic appeal, while a gilded spoon adds to the minimalistic flamboyance. 

Heated to high temperatures for durability, the glazed stoneware is moulded into the milk and sugar set. Their narrow tops give them a light-weight appearance. The PVD coated aluminium spoon glams up the set with its gilded perfection. Club these with the matched cups for a stylish set that will launch you into the hosting big leagues.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
Dry with a lint free cloth.
Avoid pouring extremely hot liquids into a cooled glass or vice versa
Do not use product in a microwave or conventional oven.


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