Silver Cup (Set of 6)

455 AED

A fine accessory for the connoisseurs, this contemporary Silver Mug Set will become the highlight of your tea or coffee times. The well-structured form and circular handle of these mugs are seamlessly designed to offer a great experience.


Heated to high temperatures for durability, this glazed stoneware is moulded into our galactic coffee cups. Their broad bottom and narrow top give them a light-weight appearance. The round handle encourages a better grip while its touch of gold ups the style quotient.

Futuristic, ergonomic and durable, these cups take inspiration from an aerospace station. Algorithmic precision creates the linear pattern that adds to their appeal. The glazed interior finds contrasting balance with their suave, chrome-finish exterior.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
Dry with a lint free cloth.
Avoid pouring extremely hot liquids into a cooled glass or vice versa.
Do not use product in a microwave or conventional oven.  


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