The Caffeinator

800 AED

A stimulating experience is in store for you with that first, hot cuppa of the day. Gently pouring the water in concentric circles extracts the finest flavour & aroma – an enriching routine that’s bound to brew magic every morning.

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Intuitive designing is what elevates experiences. That’s why we’ve put immense thought into our stainless steel, mesh filter which settles into a borosilicate glass funnel. The funnel’s rib pattern creates air pockets for easier seepage. The ergonomically designed stainless steel scoop allows uniform pressing down of coffee into the filter. Here, The Steamcatcher could make the perfect pairing with this set for a more refined coffee experience.

A metal filter retains coffee oils better. A rounded scoop measures out and evenly presses coffee grinds into the filter. The pot collects the drip of freshly brewed coffee. The coaster protects from spill-overs.

The borosilicate carafe withstands drastically hot and cold temperatures. It is moulded for ease of collecting and pouring your brew. The ribbed body affords a stronger grip as it settles back into an aluminium stand with its sturdy podium and laser-cut base. We’re talking hard engineering. We haven’t forgotten the stainless steel coaster to catch stray droplets. 

Care Instructions:

Thoroughly wash all components before and after use with a mild non-liquid soap.
Wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent water stains.
To avoid wear and tear, do not place the product on its rim for drying. 


Gold, Rose Gold


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