The Melt

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We have no cheesy pickup line for you. Just a simple statement at your hosting table. Three cheese knives find their groove in the cavities of acacia wood – allowing you to plate your cheese and have it too. The board has a unique melty, wave-like pattern on its flip side, earning it its name.

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Milled Acacia wood forms this heavy-duty platter with its patterned back and groovy – excuse the pun – front. Stainless steel servers – a cheese fork and two knives – have a silicon lining on their vivid-hued handles for ease of use. Careful crafting has led to the unparalleled aesthetics and enhanced functionality of The Melt.

This capsule-shaped, wooden board serves up cheese and ease. The knives are one-piece cast for durability and sit snug in their grooves when not in use. 


Cheese Knives:

  1. Pronged Cheese Knife: or forked-tipped spear, is a multipurpose tool that allows you to cut a piece of cheese and pick it up with the prongs for serving. The narrow blade works well with soft cheese to semi-hard cheese. (Best With: Parmesan, Brie)
  1. Cheese Fork: Helpful for picking up cut pieces of cheese. It can also be used to break up blocks of aged cheese into smaller chunks. (Best With: Feta, Cheddar, Provolone, Gouda, Parmesan)
  1. Flat Cheese Knife: or a chisel knife, is used to cut slices of aged cheese by holding the blade vertically and pushing downward. The sharp end cuts the pieces down even further. (Best With: Provolone, Swiss, Gruyere, Asiago)

Care Instructions:

For The Knives: 

  1. Hand wash the knives with soapy water.
  2. Avoid using a scrubber or lemon-based detergents.

  For The Cheese Board:

  1. Wipe it after every use with a slightly wet cloth.
  2. If you must wash it under running water, ensure it is laid flat and dried immediately
  3. Dry thoroughly before storing.





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