The Steamcatcher

450 AED

An astute, machine-crafted essential, this Steamcatcher will complement your priceless collection of teaware and coffeeware. The sleek and modish structure of The Steamcatcher induces the flavours of your best grinds while preparing your daily cup of refreshment with absolute perfection.

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A stainless steel kettle that has its own food thermometer assists the temperature indicator on the lid. It is housed within a PVD-coated, aluminium finned body and covered with an anodized, golden lid. The bakelite handle has a thumb grip for ease of carrying and pouring.

A coffee connoisseur always gets the ‘bloom’ pour right. For that skilfully made coffee with visual impact and consistency, we bring you a precision kettle. Its ergonomically designed swan-like spout and handle, and temperature indicator help you achieve the perfect brewing temperature. 

Care Instructions:

Thoroughly wash all components before and after use with a mild non-liquid soap.
Wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent water stains.
To avoid wear and tear, do not place the product on its rim for drying.


Gold, Rose gold


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