Wavemaker Wine Decanter

1,100 AED

Treat your fine wine right with the Equilibrium Wine Decanter that has an éclat of sparkle and refinement. Enjoy every moment being a great host while pouring your choicest wines from this exquisite decanter.


Inspired by balance and beauty, this collection emulates the grace and impeccable form of a ballerina. The weightless, seemingly floating posture of a prima donna on her toes is achieved through sheer manufacturing genius – a symphony of the decanter and its corresponding stand 

Lead-free crystal keeps your beverages from getting flat. The broad base with its hand-cut wave pattern helps aerate your wine faster. The overall form assists in swirling with ease. The aerator, too, has a distinct shape with a ripple pattern and helps the process from the minute the wine touches it. The sleek, metal name tag records the wine details scribbled on with the metal writing pen that’s included. 

Base-ically Perfect

The unique tricoid base is one heavy-duty hunk of steel. Weighing almost 4 kilos, this helps the decanter take a proud stance without the worry of tipping over or breaking. The rippled, Zamac base is electroplated to achieve the swoon-worthy two-tone look, adding to the muted flamboyance of this lovely piece. 

Care Instructions:

Dishwasher Safe
Hand Wash – Soapy Warm water


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