Scentaur Whiskey Sniffer Glass (Set of 6)

500 AED

Host parties for your friends and family members with these exquisitely crafted Whisky Snifter glasses. Crafted with a wide bottom that allows you to swirl your whiskey and a narrow rim that directs the aroma to the top, this set is a connoisseur’s delight.

Serve your favourites in these artistic Shaze whiskey glasses and display a sense of uniqueness. The sparkling structure and hand-cut wave pattern will glorify your get-togethers and dinners even more.


These Whisky glasses follow the language of the Alpha Whisky Tumbler.

The hand-cut wave pattern of these whisky glasses transforms them into a collection worth having.

Showcase your distinct sense of style by serving your guests in these sparkling glasses.

The wide bottom and tapering mouth of these unique whiskey glasses defines their structure beautifully. A great accompaniment to your luxurious bottle of whiskey, this one is an enchanting glassware set.


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