Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

500 AED

Explore the smooth flavours of your finest wines with these exquisite Wine glasses. The beautifully crafted stems and broad-based bowls allow wine lovers to swirl their wine generously and aerate it before taking the first sip.

Welcome your guests to a bar that is beautified with fine wine and sparkling glasses. Host parties and flaunt your exquisite collection of glassware with these patterned wine glasses.


This Wine glass follows the language of the Alpha Whisky Tumbler.

The exquisitely crafted hand-cut wave pattern of these glasses enhances their appearance even more.

Serve Pinot noirs or Merlots to your guests in these glasses.

Engaging in their stature and functional in its design, these wine glasses prove to be enchanting glassware accessories. The beautifully crafted wave design on their surface enhances the look of these glasses, even more, making them a great gift for every connoisseur.


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