Hosting is your time together, and only sui generis serveware would truly make the cut. Made for an upbeat spread of appetizers with a dip to serve. The deep-ended bowl is designed with Shazé unique trichoid shape allowing for an easier arrangement.

For Get-togethers that Ripple with Joy

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    Thought infused with algorithmic precision

    The choice of stoneware matched with a brass stand for the dip bowl is designed to deliver sturdiness. The shape and depth are designed for the convenience of placing and picking the appetizer served.


      Chip Bowl : Ceramic / Stand : Brass Metal


      Ceramic Chip Bowl 4.5 cm / Brass Metal Stand 2.2 cm


      Ceramic Chip Bowl 20.2 cm / Brass Metal Stand 3.5 cm


      Ceramic Chip Bowl 20.2 cm / Brass Metal Stand 3.9 cm

      AED 154.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)