Comet Set

Hosting is your time together, and only sui generis serveware would truly make the cut. Designed to serve a sweet see-you-again, The Comet is an other-worldly dessert tray to host with. Served with a set of 6 dessert bowls and spoons; equally complimenting the nucleus.

For Other-worldly Hosting Experiences

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    Thought infused with algorithmic precision

    The Comet stages its celestial design with purpose. The accent tail is extended for balance and an easy lift. Delivering the perfect portion to savour each bite fully are the complimenting dessert spoons.


      Gold & Rose Gold


      Stainless Steel


      Big platter 3.2 cm / Small Plate 2.4 cm


      Big platter 10.8 cm / Serving Spoon 4.5 cm / Small Plate 5.4 cm / Slim Spoon 1.6 cm


      Big platter 25.5 cm / Serving Spoon 18.5 cm / Small Plate 13 cm / Slim Spoon 17 cm

      AED 574.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)