Hosting is your time together, and only sui generis serveware would truly make the cut. Farrago is where your newly discovered appetizers take centre stage when served like a lavish spread. The Shazé exclusive trichoid shape of each of these glass bowls is designed to arrange and pick the entrees better.

For Eclectic Hosting Events

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    Thought infused with algorithmic precision

    The strategic indents on the bowl are designed to house each one steadily, as each appetizer owns its attention from the clear glass.


      tray : ceramic / Big glass bow / Small Glass Bowl


      Stainless steel tray 3.5 cm / Big glass bowl 4.5 cm / Small Glass Bowl 2.3 cm


      Stainless steel tray 8 cm / Big glass bow 12 cm / Small Glass Bowl 6.2 cm


      Stainless steel tray 43 cm / Big glass bow 12.2 cm / Small Glass Bowl 6.3 cm

      AED 618.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)