Flow Gold

Eating gol-gappas is an event in itself. And you want that decadent morsel crumbling in your mouth, not your hands. Here’s a platter that serves your ‘chaat’ as you chat, mess-free.

Eating Panipuri Just Got A Delicious Spin

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    For A Glassy Affair

    The clarity of the borosilicate glass allows for a clear view of the sauces and puris. The trichoid shape of each bowl is unique to Shazé, facilitating ease in serving. The beaker has a wider base for sturdiness with a triangular mouth to help pour the sauces with ease, into the pre-filled puris.


      Water Jug 120ml / Large Bowl 200ml / Small Bowl 20ml


      Gold Base 2.28 cm / Water Jug 8.08 cm / Large Bowl 4.59 cm / Small Bowl 2.33 cm / Spoon 1.09 cm


      Gold Base 15 cm / Water Jug 4.12 cm / Large Bowl 12.04 cm / Small Bowl 6.23 cm / Spoon 4.6 cm


      Gold Base 32 cm / Water Jug 4.62 cm / Large Bowl 12.26 cm / Small Bowl 6.31 cm / Spoon 18 cm

      AED 416.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)