Nouvau Horse Head

This abstract horse-head figurine arrests attention with its dramatic play of lines, depicting the vitality of this powerful and majestic beast. This table top décor is often sought-after for its symbolism of luck and vigour.

Equestrian Enchantment

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    A-head of The Details

    This horse-head figurine bears a high-gloss finish with electroformed silver. Cast in resin for its malleability, each intricate curve and undulation truly depicts the energy of this magnificent beast. The contrasting mane highlights the unbridled gusto of this sublime animal. Its clean form finds character with well-structured lines as it rests atop a teak wood base.


      40.5 CM


      21.5 CM


      25.5 CM

      AED 2,024.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)