The Melange

Only sui generis serveware would truly make the cut when sharing your time together while hosting. The Melange is a canvas for gastronomic arrangements. Served with a set of 3 dip bowls on sturdy stands to bring the flavours of variety to the table.

For Eclectic Hosting Events

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    It’s a Material World

    Stoneware is selected to secure the temperature of the serving tray from touch. The sturdy metal stands carefully balance each dip bowl with their gold brilliance.


      Platter : Ceramic / Stand : Brass / Dip Bowl : Ceramic / Stand : Brass Metal


      Ceramic platter 4.3 cm / Brass Metal Stand 7.2 cm Brass Metal Stand 2.2 cm


      Ceramic platter 14 cm / Brass Metal Stand 8.5 cm / Brass Metal Stand 3.5 cm


      Ceramic platter 32.3 cm / Brass Metal Stand 21 cm / Brass Metal Stand 3.9 cm

      AED 518.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)