The Melt+

No time for cheesy lines, here’s a simple statement for your cheese tasting events. Made for elaborate arrangements as three cheese knives find their groove in the recesses of the Acacia wood.

Hosting That Makes Hearts Melt

    Product Material & Manufacturing Brilliance

    Its ‘Gouda’ Be Epic

    Milled Acacia wood forms this heavy-duty platter with its patterned back. Stainless steel serves the specialty equipment – a cheese fork and two knives. Securing your hold with their silicon linin


      Cheese Board - Wood / Cheisel Knief - Stainless Steel & Silicon / Cheese Fork - Stainless Steel & Silicon / Soft Cheese Knife - Stainless Steel & Silicon


      Cheese Board 14.8 mm/ Cheisel Knief 7 mm/ Cheese Fork 7 mm/ Soft Cheese Knife 7 mm


      Cheese Board 231.2 mm/ Cheisel Knief 54.1 mm/ Cheese Fork 30.5 mm/ Soft Cheese Knife 27 mm


      Cheese Board 431.8 mm/ Cheisel Knief 111 mm/ Cheese Fork 109 mm/ Soft Cheese Knife 109.4 mm

      AED 312.00

      (Inclusive of all taxes)