Romanticizing Your Brewing Rituals

The sound of the slow trickling of a stream, or the smooth twirling of a ballet dancer on tiptoes, is soothing to your senses. And every now and then, you need a feeling like that. One that will calm you, give you a moment to soak in the feeling of sheer relaxation.

But have you ever wondered what truly makes these sounds and visuals spark that soothing sense in you? The certain softness laced in these movements is what romanticizes the moment, allowing you to feel a certain sense of serenity. A beautiful feeling it is. Some of you may appease this feeling with poetry, while others retreat to nature. Enhancing the sublimity of the moment for you, in a space that is your own, is Shaze’s Hosting Collection. Transcending regular routines to indulgent rituals, each piece has been carefully crafted to conjure up the desire for a reposeful interlude. Enticing isn’t it?

The Brewmaster

An indulgence for many, drinking tea is a practice undertaken at least twice a day. One to kick-start it, the other to welcome home a much-needed restfulness. As you steep your finest tea leaves, the honey-like hue hazes through the water, dispersing through the white clarity. As a tea enthusiast, you are forever looking for an experience that is both soothing and scintillating. And while every sip enlivens your senses, this teapot, with its bold and beautiful borosilicate glass frame allows for a clear view of your prized amber elixir. Creating this visual magic is a tea light that sits daintily under the tea pot.

The Caffeinator

Sticklers for perfection, coffee enthusiasts make no compromise when it comes to getting that right brew. Over-brew and you will have a mug of odd bitterness, while under brewing will leave you with a mug full of weak or sour disappointment. Perfection is sacrosanct when it comes to coffee brewing. And while these type-A-coffee lovers may come across as austere, they revel in the soothing, intimate ritual required to brew coffee. And with The Caffeinator, the inner romantic in them is put to ease. The very frame of this piece is sleek and finely crafted. What looks like a lustrous conical sheet is a metal mesh with tiny perforations. Set against the conical glass frame, the piece looks like it was out of a dream.

And with precise functionality married to its form, the entire experience of brewing your tea or coffee becomes an undeniably sublime experience. And when experiences are made so indulgent, toward them is the way to go.

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