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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Coffee brewing techniques • Choosing coffee grind • Coffee-making rituals

The Caffeinator

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Engineered for Style

The Brewmaster

Master the Art of Hosting

Hosting nuances transform an experience. Dramatic fanfare tempered with confident sophistry and ergonomic attention to detail is a must. Add in masterful expertise and you’ll ace the hosting game with Shazé.

Our Design Philosophy

The Brewmaster

AED 624.00

The Caffeinator

AED 520.00

The Steamcatcher

AED 393.00

The Dripper

AED 520.00

The Blendist

AED 520.00

The Lavo

AED 416.00

Silver Cups (Set of 6)

AED 266.00

Wavemaker Wine Decanter with the Arch

AED 880.00

An Immersive Experience Awaits

We invite you to an immersive experience with our brewing rituals and designs.

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